Gowtham Kumar B

First of all, I am thankful to our Learning and Development Team for providing me an opportunity to attend this training program which has helped me in evolving physically and mentally.

The hospitality was really amazing with good amenities with tasty and hygienic food, also the campus is maintained very beautifully with greenery all around which is refreshing which is top notch and love at first sight for the campus later which was very difficult to leave back.

Then coming to the training sessions, every training session was curated which helped in evolving physically during the course and then the trainers explained the leadership qualities which needs to be cultivated within yourself which is the best because we got the thoughts and experience to carry back to learn and relearn.

My favourite course was the “Discovery Course” which helped me realise my strengths and weaknesses. And the other courses also taught about team bonding (great things can be accomplished when working together), team work, decision making etc.

Special mention to all the trainers where I got an opportunity to talk, share thoughts and walk along with some of the great veterans of our country.

Finally, it was hard saying goodbye to the ISL campus but hoping to visit soon!!!!!!!