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Our Training Partners

Project Adventure(PA)

PA is a non-profit organization, based in Beverly, Massachusetts, USA with over 40 years of experience in experiential learning. ISL along with PA employs experiential learning cycle model to help facilitate or guide effective reflection or discussion through the course of an activity sequence. It is a tool that helps to maximize learning and accelerate behavioral change. It is also a conceptual model that effectively maps the way our brains are wired to process any experience. We have partnered with PA for the following:

  • Leadership Curriculum- Design and Development
  • Training on emotional social learning
  • Transference of outdoor learning to work place
  • Train the trainer programmes

ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology, USA)

ACCT is a globally recognized organization, serving Discovery Course professionals globally. It sets the standards for course installation, operation, inspection and conduct of programs. Indus School of Leadership is the only leadership training institute in India certified by the ACCT. All trainers are certified to inspect, maintain, and conduct training programs as per strict safety guidelines laid by ACCT.

NFNLP (National Federation for Neuro Linguistic Programming, USA)

Our Certified Trainers employ NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques as agents of change, while working with individuals, groups, and companies, to bring out effective and efficient change in individuals and groups. This technology has been widely employed in areas of application ranging from fields as diverse as education, team-building, sales and marketing, personal development, leadership, building and coaching.


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