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Collaboration with Project Adventure

Indus School of Leadership (ISL) is the only Institution in India to have collaborated with Project Adventure (PA), USA. Founded in 1971, Project Adventure is a pioneer and leader in adventure-based experiential programming. All instructors from ISL are trained and certified by PA in portable adventure and advanced facilitation skills. Some of the training methodologies include:

  1. Development of self-awareness and self–management skills: It enables an individual to handle stress and motivate oneself to persevere in overcoming obstacles to goal achievement.

  2. Challenging Oneself: In this method of training, participants appreciate their comforts and fears and yet experience a challenge.

  3. Creating a secure environment: In this training method, responsibility is instilled in all trainees to create a secure environment which encourages all participants to take risks and reveal their most authentic self.

  4. Learning through experience: This methodology enables participants to experience a seemingly isolated event and derive meaning from it through reflection.


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